README 1.0 Last revision: Mon Oct 3 10:49:12 MET 1994 This directory (/pub/TTfonts) contains Croatian (Hrvatski) True Type fonts. Use ftp binary mode to get either .fot and .ttf files, or the compress-ed tar file. These files are provided "as is", without any express or implied warranty. Permission to use, copy and distribute the True Type fonts without fee is hereby granted for non-commercial purposes. List of .fot and .ttf files: ----------------------------- hravang.fot hrbl___0.fot hrgl___0.fot hrhelbi.fot hrhelv.fot hravang.ttf hrbl____.fot hrgl____.fot hrhelbi.ttf hrhelv.ttf hravang0.fot hrbl____.ttf hrgl____.ttf hrhelbi0.fot hrhelv_0.fot hrbb___0.fot hrgb___0.fot hrhelb.fot hrhelna0.fot hrtimes0.fot hrbb____.fot hrgb____.fot hrhelb.ttf hrhelnar.fot hrtimes_.fot hrbb____.ttf hrgb____.ttf hrhelb_0.fot hrhelnar.ttf hrtimes_.ttf Gzip-ed tar file (contains all the above .ttf and .fot files): ------------------------------------------------------------------ TTfonts.tar.gz (240876 Bytes) -EOF-